Meet the Maker... Fei Fei's Sewing Eco Fashion

Bamboo Eco Fashion Fei Fei

Hello and welcome our gorgeous designer and maker Fei Fei.

Fei Fei is the genius behind the self-named clothing brand that prides on quality, fit and affordability. All pieces are hand cut and sewn in Melbourne.

Using natural fabrics called “Tencel” Fei Fei creates simplistic wardrobe staple pieces. 

Tencel fabrics, which is obtained from eucalyptus farmed trees, is similar to materials such as bamboo and rayon, but is sustainable sourced fabric that is regenerated from wood cellulose, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. No old trees and forests are cut down to produce this fibre.

Tencel has European Union FSC certification, is non-toxic and no bleaching is used in any process of manufacturing of this natural material. It usually is blended with hemp, cotton and wool.

Tencel is super comfortable, super soft, absorbent, wrinkle resistant, gotta love that ladies, and has beautiful drape and does not “hug” all the wrong curves.

Fei Fie's modern yet classic creations are beautiful to touch and wear.

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