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Focusing solely and resolutely on pet wellness and longevity, we create life changing products for our four legged family members so they can live long and thrive. Using ancient healing philosophies, thorough research and cutting edge manufacturing capabilities combined with a herbal approach to pet wellness, we provide second to none products to the devoted pet parents.

Catch Me If You Can: Beef Tendon with Tumeric
  •   Aids in controlling diabetes
  •   Aids in preventing cancer at the cellular level
  •   Anti-inflammatory
  •   Assists in neurodegenerative disease recoveries
  •   Augments insulin moderation
  •   Cardiovascular and nervous system helper
  •   Digestive tract helper and aids in allergies repairs
  •   Weight 70 grams 2.5 ounces


Fish Slithers

  •   Australian waters wild caught
  •   Brain boosting health benefits
  •   High In Calcium for bones
  •   Loads of Zinc for joints
  •   Rich in Omega Oils for skin and fur/hair
  •   Weight 80 grams 2.8 ounces
Cordy Kang: Kangaroo with Cordyceps
  •   Anti-inflammatory properties
  •   Increases blood oxygen
  •   Life enhancing herb for immunity
  •   Lung and Kidney tonic (TCM)
  •   May Aid Recovery
  •   May Yield Stamina
  •   Royalty of the Superherbs!
  •   Weight 70 grams 2.5 ounces
Fish Nibbles
  •   Cardiovascular and nervous system helper
  •   Caught wild in deep australian waters
  •   Great for joint and skin health
  •   No embedded plastics
  •   No pollutants
  •   No radiation chemicals
  •   Omega-3 and Omega-6 powerhouse
  •   Weight 100 grams or 3.5 ounces


I've Got The Power: Ginseng & Organic Chicken

  •   Aids allergies with Antihistamine
  •   Aids fatique and depression
  •   Aids in wellness recovery
  •   Anti-inflammatory
  •   Ginseng lifts metabolism and yields energy
  •   Raises brain function
  •   Super Food Hero!
  •   Weight 70 grams 2.5 ounces


Mack Attack: Deep Water Australian Mackeral Jerky

  •   Bone Strengthening
  •   Deep sea Australian waters caught - so healthy
  •   High in vitamin A for eyes health
  •   Loaded in micronutrients
  •   No embedded plastics
  •   No pollutants
  •   No radiation chemicals
  •   Omega 3 powerhouse!
  •   Weight 80 grams 2.8 ounces


Moo Moo: Grass Fed Australian Beef & Goji Berry

  •   Antioxidant
  •   B2
  •   Beta-carotene
  •   Bowel health improver
  •   Goji Berry boosts immune systems
  •   High quality for gut health
  •   Improves neurologic traits
  •   SuperFood Plus!
  •   Weight 70 grams 2.5 ounces


Running Wild: Emu and Red Dates

  •   Great blood tonic due to nutrients
  •   Great for weight loss
  •   High in minerals
  •   Increases energy and vitallity
  •   Liver wellness and allergies helper
  •   Low in fat and high in protein
  •   Rich in Vitamin B
  •   Rich in Vitamin C
  •   Rich in Vitamin K
  •   Weight 70 grams 2.5 ounces

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