Take a look at some of our wonderful Designer Brands!

Handmade, locally designed, fashion and accessories

Kitty Kat

KITTY KAT creates upcycled, limited edition, high-quality women’s accessories and fur clothing that aim to break the mould and go beyond common design standards.

Kitty Kat fur vests and jackets, bags, purses and jewellery are assembled by using new and used leathers, fabrics, furs and skins, much of which is sourced from the waste materials of the meat industry. 


Founded in 1976, Australia’s leading cotton label Orientique, is a fashion label synonymous with exclusive artistic prints, beautiful natural fabrics and good quality.


Was born in a Hustrbridge shed out of Daine Johnston’s passion for creating new designs from recycled and reclaimed Australian timbers. Each of Daine’s pieces is delicately handcrafted using a range of old-school craftsmanship techniques to form unique fashion accessories to suit all tastes.


It all started as a way to pay for University tuition in the 1980's in Vancouver, Canada. Each vintage blanket is carefully washed and sterilised with Eucalyptus oil & wool wash, several times. Each robe has over 6 hours of cutting and machine sewing to establish the foundation garment and another 6 hours of hand sewing to finish it off. No two are the same.


Jimmy Stuart's products are not mass produced and therefore are unique. Our fabrics are hand-picked by Jim both locally and internationally, always with an eye for something different and definitely not mainstream. Perfect for someone who is looking for a distinctive style and to stand out from the crowd.


We are madly committed to the evolution of style. You’ll find a one stop shop for men’s Fashion Accessories that are on trend and priced right as well.


A lifestyle brand, inspired by travel, culture and textiles. Each fashion collection offers wardrobe staples for seasonal dressing.

Designer Vintage & Preloved Fashion

Past Lives

Quality recycled and preloved clothing for the fashion savvy but eco-conscious. 

Beautiful, designer label, vintage & retro fashion pieces, shoes and accessories for both men and women.

Handmade Jewellery


RokRokInc. Leather earrings is about DIY and upcycling design. Mix and match, get crazy, be fancy or have fun but always do it with a dash of rock attitude.

State of Sonder STATE OF SONDER
...is jewellery, handmade locally with love in Melbourne by a creative soul. Part-time wine pourer, part-time law student, full time thinker. 

The collection of jewellery has been inspired by the magical country of Iceland. 


Chiara Jewellery is all about colour, fun, style and coffee. That's right, the material from coffee pods.
Each unique piece is hand made with love in Melbourne!


Health, Beauty & Skin Care

humbly began in 2016 as a beautiful hobby and rapidly evolved into a small business with the aim of sourcing local, high quality products and turning them into gorgeous smelling and stubbornly natural skin care products.

Our skin care range is free of artificial chemicals and preservatives and we unreservedly strive to keep our products hand made and sourced from nature. 

Nature's Intentions

Passionate about health and wellness, at Nature's Intentions, we believe in the importance of self knowledge and self care and getting back to nature. 

Our products are all hand-made with the finest quality ingredients. 100% organic dried botanicals, pure essential oils and natural and organic nourishing plant-based carrier oils. 


Gifts & Home Decor


Self taught Entomologist and Artist based in Melbourne Australia. The incredible art of Butterfly and Moth pinning and preservation of butterflies on agate. Just amazing.


Gerard Geer one of Australia's leading skeletal artists.


Artwork & Photography

Richard Wise Art

All paintings done by Richard Wise in acrylic paint...beautiful l
andscapes, city scenes, portraits and more.


Alissa Duke uses watercolour pencils to draw subjects from the natural world, such as feathers, eggs, leaves and insects. She also draws objects from everyday life including food, coffee cups, books or toys. The subjects are personal and individual and often nostalgic and with a character of their own.


Eco friendly Greeting Cards, Art Prints and Homewares.These greeting cards and prints have been created from original drawings, paintings and digital art by Katie McLorinan. Each greeting cards and prints are all printed on FSC certified recycled paper. The envelopes are also made from recycled paper.